The legend of Italian Tortellini


Typical “tortellini” – photo by

Called Turtlèn in Bologna and Turtlein in Modena, the name of this amazing Italian product comes from a diminutive of torta (“pie” in English).


Homemade tortellini


Homemade tortellini – photo by

According to the legend, in 1200 A.D. a beautiful and young Princess arrived in Castelfranco Emilia, by a carriage drawn by four horses, to take a rest in a tavern. The host accompanied the woman in the room and irremediably attracted by her beauty he spied on her from the lock, being impressed by his navel.


Succede solo a Bologna pinterest

When he started making the dinner, the pure and innocent vision was so much exciting, it was like an epiphany that inspired him to reproduce the navel with the pasta, and he decided to stuff it with meat to make tortellini testier.


Making tortellini photo by

Tortellini are usually cooked in a soup, but they are great with tomato too. In both cases, what is important is to add a huge quantity of a secret ingredient: the original Parmigiano!

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