The legend of the Italian Panettone


Panettone with almonds  – photo by

The legend says that on Christmas Eve, the Duke Ludovico il Moro, Lord of Milan, decided to organize a big party in his court.

For that occasion, the head of the kitchen made a special sweet, but before serving the cake, he realized that the dessert was burned while cooking… panic seized the entire kitchen! One of the kitchen garbage boy, Toni, proposed a cake he had made for itself in the morning, using ingredients left over from the preparation of the day before.

Panettone – photo by

The head Chef, without any other possibilities, he decided to take the risk, serving the only available dessert. An unusual “sweet bread” was offered to the guests of the Duke, it was perfumed with candied fruit and butter, with a well-burnished dome and… incredibly, all the guest loved the cake, and all of them asked  the owner to know the name and the author of this extraordinary sweet bread. Toni came forward saying that he had not yet given any name.

Italian Panettone
Italian Panettone – photo by

The Duke decided to call the cake with the name of its creator, and since that time everyone eat and celebrate with the “bread of Toni”, Panettone, now famous worldwide.

Panettone - photo by
Panettone – photo by

As usual, now you can find the Panettone not only in the original version, but also decorated with chocolate, fruits, ice cream and everything you want!

Stuffed panettone - photo by
Stuffed panettone – photo by

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