Expo 2015: Just breathe in Austria

Austrian Pavilion - Breathe Austria
Austrian Pavilion – Breathe Austriaxp

Air: this element is our most important resource. Air, climate and atmosphere are the elements that all unite on the planet. Air is both a natural asset and a component of sustenance.

Austrian Pavilion - your idea to save the air
Austrian Pavilion – your idea to save the air

The theme of Expo is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for life”, what could be the Austria’s answer? Air, of course; it is the key for health food and for energy.

Austrian Pavilion - The answer is...
Austrian Pavilion – The answer is…

Visitors are invited into a typical Austrian forests and…they can Breathe…

The pavilion shows itself as prototype of a hybrid system where technical elements and Nature can live together… a pleasantly cool, fresh atmosphere…

Austrian Pavilion
Austrian Pavilion

In this relaxing ambience, there is the proof that things that could seem irreconcilable, technology and natural diversity, actually could be connected.

A masterpiece of science and Nature: the forest, which was planted in just a few months, acts as an air generator: the trees and plants together produce enough oxygen in an hour to sustain 1,800 visitors.

Entering in the middle of the forest is a very particular experience… We are not used to feel it anymore, so fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy Nature’s beauty.

Letters in the branches spell out the word BREATH, but going ahead they disappear until composing the word EAT..

Austrian Pavilion
Austrian Pavilion


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