Expo 2015: French, a Special Market to feed the Planet

French Paviliol
French Paviliol

Thought as a covered market, French Pavilion represents a truly piece of the Country. It has a very simple structure, which follows the principle of a green architecture. It is a temporary construction made by local wood and it can be disassembled and reused after the exposition.

French Pavilion
French Pavilion

It is inspired by the traditional French markets, which are part of the French culture of food, an homage to the famous Parisian Halles, a place of exchange but also of production where new visions on food and nutrition can find fertile ground. This is the idea.

3. French Pavilion - The interior

“Feeding the Planet in another way”, this is the main theme… How can we nurture our Planet?

…you will be introduced into this special market, passing through a sort of botanical garden where you can find different kind of cultivation.

French Pavilion - French Grapes
French Pavilion – French Grapes

Enter and go inside this original market, learning about typical French products…the famous baguette, cheese..

French Pavilion - French cheese
French Pavilion – French cheese

And wine…

French Pavilion - French Wine
French Pavilion – French Wine

…everything is covered by the latticed structure, vegetation grows organically throughout the latticed structure… who doesn’t want a market like this in its own city?

…Upstairs, a restaurant will attempt to serve vegetables grown on site using hydroponic processes and aromatic herbs planted on the terrace.

French Pavilion - The interior
French Pavilion – The interior

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