Italian food trends 2015


Everyone knows that Italy is the home of good food, not only for pizza and pasta! Italian meals are imitated all over the world but to taste the original flavors, the only way is to organize a trip in Italy. What will be the culinary trends of 2015?

This topic has been discussed at Milan Expo 2015

  1. The flavor of the year: a bitter taste. It will be the year of strong flavors as more intense chocolate, beers with more hops and darker coffee;


  1. Vegetarian: vegetarian and vegan are now the masters, people ask less and less for meat and 2015 will amplify this trend;
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  1. Finger Food: shrinking and flexible portions, more attention to the quality of the food rather than quantity;
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  1. Technology: innovation has also entered into the restaurants, tablets and smartphones are the future even in the kitchen. Get ready to order directly from your phone and browse the recipes directly on your stove!


  1. Local: eating at km zero, possibly using only products of the own region. Consumers looking for genuine products, directly from producer to consumers


What about pizza and pasta?!

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