Expo 2015: learning from the Desert with Emirates

1.The Desert

The United Arab Emirates Pavilion is located in the middle of the Decumano, between the Azerbaijan and Kazakistan Pavilion and it represents one of the most attractive architecture in the whole site.

Going there literally means going through the desert…You will enter into a sort of canyon defined by two undulating 12 meter-high walls: once you are inside the contrast between the red-golden colour of the dune and the blu sky above your head will astonish you.

The United Arab Emirates Pavilion
The United Arab Emirates Pavilion

A masterpiece of design: the walls, with their curves recalls the desert sand moved by the wind, the texture of the walls derives from a scan taken in the desert and the entire structure the structure is designed to be dismantled and rebuilt after the Expo.

Now, you are in the Arab desert and you are learning about the Emirates culture and traditions in preserving food and water: there objects and videos about that and in the pavilion’s interior of self-shaded streets recalls the experience of the UAE’s ancient communities.  Everything wants to suggest the pedestrians streets of the ancient desert city.

Behind the second dune, there is the main part of the structure: the cinema, where you will learn how important are the teaching from the past; they can give us suggestions for the future…

he UAE Pavilion - the interior
he UAE Pavilion – the interior

Then visitors follow a path through further interactive displays and digital talks, including a special exhibit celebrating Dubai as host city for the 2020 Expo.

At the end, you will reach a green oasis, designed to evoke the native terrain and flora of the UAE, reflecting about the message that this pavilion wants to explain:

“In terms of climate and water scarcity, the UAE is experiencing today what the world will experience tomorrow. The design of this structure highlights the challenges of sustaining life in a desert climate, while demonstrating how efficient passive design solutions can help to support sustainable modern communities.

The UAE Pavilion - Oasi
The UAE Pavilion – Oasi

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