Expo 2015: Russia feeds the Planet with Science

Russian Pavillion
Russian Pavillion

The Russian Pavilion invites you to discover the potential of its natural resources, the traditions and variety of local cuisines.

The entrance is spectacular: look above your head, you will be reflect in a crazy mirror!

A canopy with curving mirrored takes visitors into the pavilion, in a digital herbarium, which opens the path that will try to explain you the Russian culture and development about the theme “Feeding the Planet”.

Russian Pavillion - the entrance
Russian Pavillion – the entrance

Since the first Expo, Russia has taken part in these events. The architecture designed for this year recalls the previous Russian and Soviet pavilion, but with a more responsible look: everything is made by green technologies.

The architects SPEECH Tchoban/Kuznetsov wanted to inject the essence of Russia in the design of Pavilion, “We have embodied Russian-ness in our design by framing it an apparent infinite rhythm of wooden elements, there are obvious references to the typology of Russian landscape”.

Russian Pavillion - external view
Russian Pavillion – external view

At first, you walk inside a sort of chemistry laboratory, which seems to confuse you with its neon lights, but then there is a bar, which will offer you typical Russian drinks.

…A wall reproduce the periodic table, an homage to Mendeleev and a message to underline the importance of researches in Russia…You can also taste the variety of local food and recipes..

Russian Pavillion - the periodic table
Russian Pavillion – the periodic table

Going upstairs you will be immerged in a Russian atmosphere, discovering the different production processes…

Russian Pavilion - The green rooftop terrace
Russian Pavilion – The green rooftop terrace

At the end, enjoy the view from the green rooftop terrace!

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