Villa D’Este, much more than a villa


Villa d'Este
Villa d’Este

Let’s go to Tivoli, near Rome  and we find Villa D’Este

Do not be fooled by the name, is not a “villa” as we usually think. It is a magic place.

We can define it an infinite garden, studded with fountains and monuments. You can walk through paths and several palaces, decorated with precious frescoes and unique sculptures.


Paintings in Villa d'Este
Paintings in Villa d’Este

Villa d’Este was built for the son of Lucrezia Borgia, Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este, in 1550. When he arrived to Tivoli, the official residence assigned to him (the ancient monastery of the church of Santa Maria Maggiore) did not satisfied him…It is f or that reason that he decide to give us this wonderful place, the design of which is traditionally attributed to Pirro Ligorio .

It is one of the most remarkable example of Renaissance culture.

The plan of the villa is innovative and irregular in design because the architect was obliged to respect the layout of the previous monastic building, a Benedictine convent, on which the villa was built. Getting lost through the various paths.

Villa d'Este
Villa d’Este

It is so incredible for the amazing features fountains scattered along the way. The Cento Fontane will amaze you as the gargoyles that poured water and which inspired writers like D’Annunzio …They are real attractions, which will surprise you…

100 Fountains in Villa d'Este
100 Fountains in Villa d’Este

The Fontana dell’Organo is very impressive; a particular hydraulic system allows an organ playing four Reinassance tunes automatically.

Fontana dell'organo in Villa d'Este
Fontana dell’organo in Villa d’Este

It happens the same with Fontana della Civetta, where can hear the bronze bird peeping.

…The reflections of sky and plants will confound you in the Peschiere

Peschiera, Villa d'Este - photo by M. Benedetti
Peschiera, Villa d’Este – photo by M. Benedetti

…While Fontana Rometta and Fontana Nettuno will remember you the ancient time of Myths.

Fountain of Romette - photo by M. Benedetti
Fountain Rometta – photo by M. Benedetti


Fountain Nettuno in Villa d'Este
Fountain Nettuno in Villa d’Este


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