The path of Bubbles and not only…


1.The Bubbles
Italian Bubbles –

Between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in the region of the upper Marca Trevigiana, not far from Venice there are particular “gardens”: very special vineyards that cover the hills of Veneto.

There, in this landscape so extraordinary, the famous “bubbles” of one of the most famous Italian wines are produced: the bubbles of Prosecco.

2.Prosecco Extra Dry
Prosecco Extra Dry -photo by

Often competing with Champagne, this wine is certainly the pride of the region of Veneto: it is produced from an Italian grape called Glera and the Italian tradition wants that you drink it in the spring.

There are three different types of this wine: Brut the one that best suits international taste,  the Extra Dry which is fresh, and has fruity nose of apple and pear, and  the Dry , this is the least widespread version of the Prosecco wines and sets off the grape’s floral/fruity qualities to best effect.

The hills where it is produced are very difficult to be cultivated, so the mechanical cultivation is almost impossible: because of that, the land seems to be “hand-embroidered” by vine growers.

Places that are so unique that there is the will to candidate the area as world heritage site (Unesco).

3.Conegliano, Italy
Conegliano, Italy – photo by

Enjoy this all-Italian specialties in the hills of Veneto is a special experience and you can do it through the many stages of the Strada del Prosecco and wine Colli Conegliano Valdobbiadene, the oldest Italian winemaking artery, between artistic and historical attractions and culinary curiosity.

Along this road you will encounter numerous wineries where you can taste the bubbly Prosecco but not only that, many other local wines such as Red Colli di Conegliano Torchiato di Fregona

4.Italy, Via Del Prosecco
Via del Prosecco, Italy – photo by

You find yourself surrounded by a spectacular landscape made of ancient castles and monuments, villas, spas and all around … vineyards.

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