Bulk wine, a wineries’ tradition in Florence

Wineyard in Tuscany
Vineyard in Tuscany – photo by touristico.it

In Tuscany, especially in Florence, you can taste one the Italian best wine ever. Wine is a sort of tradition.

1. Italian Wine

In Italy during the mealtime, water and wine are the beverages traditionally served and it is perfectly acceptable for “vino da tavola” to be a normal wine, not very famous. What is important is that it is “honest.”


A view from Ponte Vecchio, Firenze – photo by findpik.com

What does it means?  The wine is what it is and anything else and Vino Sfuso represents that category also being quite popular with restaurants.

What is it? The correct translation is “bulk wine” or “wine on tap”: it is usually wine that was not “worthy” of being bottled, but this does not mean that it is bad wine. Wineries decide to sell a wine as sfuso, or bulk, when it just would not have aged well, and it did not make economic sense to bottle and ship the wine, or simply to sell a portion of the years’ crop without the cost of branding, bottling and labeling.

3. Vino Sfuso

Different types of wine – photo by girlinflorence.com

Wine is tapped directly from the cask or pumped into a line of taps (like at a bar) and its beauty is that you choose your own container; it could be big, small, it is up to you.

One of the most frequently question is “Can I taste it before I buy it”? Enjoy the precious gift of being your own judge; talks about what you like to the shop employee and taste at least a few options before taking one home.


4.Vino Sfuso

Vino sfuso – photo by sgranarpercolli.it

Usually you cannot drink it in the store because most vino sfuso shops don’t have la mescita, the license to sell glasses of wine to enjoy on the spot. Nevertheless, you’re in Italy and drinking on the street is legal! Take some plastic cups and find your way to the nearest piazza to drink your bottle under the Tuscan sun with local people.

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