It is not true… but I believe it!

Typical italian amulets – photo by

Italians are famous all over the world for being superstitious people: all kinds of amulets, rituals and special clothing, everything can help to get good luck in life.

Each city has its own amulets, here below a list of those that you cannot miss to have good luck during your journey in Italy.

Milan: The Bull

Inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, in front of the Prada store, you will see on the floor a mosaic representing the emblem of the city of Turin, a bull.

The bull - Milan
The bull , Milan

According with the tradition, turning three times on themselves with the heel of the shoe placed on the testicles of the bull, you will have wealth and fertility for long time. An action that actually was as a sign of contempt against the population of Turin, but then it turned into a good omen.

Obviously, thanks to this tradition the poor bull has a hole instead of his testicles.


Florence: The Piggy

The Piggy: Florence - photo by
The Piggy: Florence – photo by

First of all we have to say that it is not a real pig, but a boar. The statue, ordered by Ferdinando II dei Medici and built in 1640 by Pietro Tacca, became the main fountain in Piazza del Mercato Vecchio.

The superstitious ritual is rather complicated, in fact you have to caress the nose of the boar with a coin, and let it fall into the water by expressing a wish: if the coin overcomes the grates, the wish will come true.

Only 3 trials are guaranteed, if the coin does not exceed the grate it means that the “Good Luck Lady” is looking elsewhere.

What is sure is that a boar never received so many caresses, at least we hope that his shiny snout will help the many visitors to have more good luck.


Rome: The Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain: Rome - photo by
Trevi fountain: Rome – photo by

To achieve one of the most beautiful fountains in the world were needed 30 years, in fact, despite the work started in 1732 with the project of Nicola Savi, the fountain was opened to the public only in 1762.

It is one of the most beautiful places in Rome, with different traditions, all of them to be performed only with the right hand and back to the fountain:

1 – Tossing a coin, you will certainly came back to Rome to see again the fountain

2 – By tossing two of them, you will fall in love with an Italian

3 – You will need three coins if the greatest desire is to get married in the Eternal City

Another legend says that if the woman offers a glass of water from the fountain to her love and then destroys it, she will have eternal devotion. This ritual takes up a very old tradition, when the fountain had a drinking water:  today you should avoid drinking these “miraculous waters”, the eternal devotion will become a stomachache.


Verona: The statue of Juliet

The statue of Juliet: Verona - photo by Linda Maropakis, pinterest
The statue of Juliet: Verona – photo by Linda Maropakis, pinterest

Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, “The City of Love”. Here William Shakespeare set the most engaging love story: “Romeo and Juliet”.

Visiting the house of Juliet, at the entrance you will find her bronze statue: if you need good luck, you just have to brush Juliet’s breast with one hand, the important thing is to touch the right one.

Which one? Just choose most shiny!


Turin: The Medallion of Christopher Columbus

The Medallion of Christopher Columbus: Turin - photo by Adri, Pinterest
The Medallion of Christopher Columbus: Turin – photo by Adri, Pinterest

This beautiful medallion in bronze is located in the centre of Turin in Piazza Castello under the portico of the Prefecture, it paints Christopher Columbus with a small globe in his hands, probably before discovering America.

The meanings assigned to the work are different, but staying close to the University of Turin, it has become for all students a real good luck charm: before an exam you have to caress the little finger of Christopher Columbus, otherwise the failure is guaranteed.

Maybe someone took the tradition too seriously and decided to steal the finger, fortunately it was immediately replaced with a new one, with the delight of all the students.

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