Expo 2015: going into the hive with Great Britain

Great Britain pavilion
Great Britain pavilion

Imagine becoming a bee for a little while.

Yes, entering in the Great Britain pavillion means going into a huge hive. It will be a very particular experience and you will have the opportunity to touch a different world.

Through this surreal space, Great Britain presents its ideas about biodiversity and food security.

Flower in Great Britain pavilion
Flower in Great Britain pavilion

Hive (this is the name of the pavillion), a work by Wolfgang Buttress Studio, is inspired by the bees’ way of life, which is an example of balance. Bees have a very important role in our ecosystem, and the idea of the pavillion is to show possible links between bees’ colony and human society.

We enter in an orchard trough an earthy corridor: the environment is constantly changing, in fact the garden will never be the same during the period of Expo.

During the walk, the visitor is invited to become a part of this world: it is like to be a bee, flying from flower to flower.

Inside Great Britain pavilion - Photo by inhabitat.com
Inside Great Britain pavilion – Photo by inhabitat.com

At the end of the itinerary, there is the Hive: it seems to be suspended above a square, like a huge sphere. While you are walking under the hive, you can see other people above that seems like bees!

In this space, you can hear a continuous buzz and throb…All the structure is linked to a real hive, so every buzz and movement is registered and it generates lights that turn on and off.

Great Britain pavilion by night - Photo by wallpaper.com
Great Britain pavilion by night – Photo by wallpaper.com

The sensorial experience completely involves you.

Then, go upstairs on the terrace: it will introduce you inside the hive and… look down… you will see other bees, or maybe they are people… the transformation is now complete.

Waiting for the night, when the pavilion lights up…the show will be amazing!

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