Expo 2015: The “Harmonious Diversity” of Japan

Entrance of Japanese pavilion - photo by wallet-e.com
Entrance of Japanese pavilion – photo by wallet-e.com

“In our country, cultivating the biodiversity is a great potential contribute to solve global issues, such as nutrition resources”; in this way Japanese guides explain the theme of Harmonious Diversity.

The “Iwaibashi”, a stick used in the table for festive occasions, is the symbol of this pavilion and its structure recalls the letter E for Expo.

The architecture, a wooden grid, is a mix between traditional and modern construction techniques and it is inspired by the use of renewable resources.

Water lilies
Water lilies

In this pavilion, you have the chance to make a journey to discover a particular “Harmonious Diversity”: through a path divided into different rooms ranging from ancient cultures up to the most modern and futuristic visions.

We start from the first room, with typical Japanese prints that show the different seasons and the natural cycle; then we cross a dark place, a paddy field or a garden of lilies in nightly: you will be fascinated by the constant game of movements created by dim light and countless mirrors.

Then we enter in a room containing “the Waterfall of Diversity”, an installation that simulates the effect of a cascade of water that falls from the ceiling, containing information on agriculture, food and Japanese food culture. Touch the images that come with the fake waterfall to read information on your mobile phone!

"Cascade" of information
“Cascade” of information

There are also several showcases containing Japanese traditional foods such as sushi, sashimi, crab and many varieties of fish. Following the mega-store you will find a dining room, with minimal style, here there is a long black table surrounded by 24 seats with the same color: it is like a stage that follows the elongated shape of the room.

The table and chairs are getting highest, creating a particular perspective’s game that allows you to see all the stuff exhibited from the entrance.

The Japanese megastore

It seems a common dining room but the result is a conceptual exhibition space that allows the viewer to see all products from different angles and distances.

The Japanese table - photo by xlifestyle.eu
The Japanese table – photo by xlifestyle.eu

… Finally enjoy the show inside the (fake) theatre-restaurant, learning the meaning of Japanese words “Itadakimasu” and “Gochisousama” and the way the food is lived in Japan.

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