Venezia’s way of eating: Spritz and tramesin

Italian Spritz - photo by
Italian Spritz – photo by

People who live in Venice cannot quit them: the tramezzino and spritz are a tradition, a part of the daily routine.

Why are they so famous? Moreover, who is the inventor of these special snack that are exhibited in the bars’ windows?

There are not certain information: following the tradition, people from Piemonte invented the first tramezzino, but only Venetians made them a real specialty, like a celebrity.

They are not simply big and flat sandwiches because the real Tramesin is made with soft white or brown bread, which is so plenty that it seems it is going to explode!

Italian tramesins - picture by
Italian tramesins – picture by

The filling is various: you can find the classical tuna with eggs, tuna with olives, prosciutto and tomatoes, prosciutto and mushrooms, prosciutto and artichokes and many others… they are so full that they seem to smile!

Why so special? The air of Venice make them naturally soft, this is the secret.

The Spritz is the drink that traditionally accompany them: the receipt is very easy: Prosecco, Seltz, ice, slice of lemon and Select, Aperol, Campari o Cynar.

“Spritz” is the official name, but it has become a part of the culture that it can be also called Spriss, Spriz, Sprisseto.

Spritz time! photo by glasshandmade - Flickr
Spritz time!
photo by glasshandmade – Flickr

The real origins are still unknown, but the legend says that in ‘800 the austro-ungarian soldiers often went to the Serenissima wine bars and cellars but they were not too used to the high degree of the venetian’s wines, so water and seltz were added to the white sparkling wine: these are the origins.

Who decided the mix? The soldiers or maybe the property owners?

Anyway, the term spritz seems to come from spritzen, which means “to squirt” in Dutch’s language and its refers to the water and seltz supplement.


Tramesin and Spritz: a daily tradition.

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