The secret of “The Kisses of Romeo & Juliet”

The Kisses of Romeo & Juliet
The Kisses of Romeo&Juliet – photo

The kisses of Romeo and Juliet are typical pastries made in Verona, prepared with almonds and hazelnuts. Romeo has a light color with a flavor of vanilla, Juliet has the soul of chocolate and smells like coconut, both of them are very delicate and delicious.

The sweets represent a promise, they are the symbol of eternal love: men give a kiss of Juliet to his beloved and women return a kiss of Romeo.

Verona – photo by C. Pimazzoni

The recipe, needless to say, is secret.

Where can you find these delicious pastries? Surely in pastry shop “Flego“, in via Stella 13, in the city center close to the famous Piazza delle Erbe; but also at “Il Fornaio De Rossi” an old pastry shop that since 1947 gladdens residents and tourists with his delicacies.

The “kiss of Romeo and Juliet” is a tribute to the most moving love story born from the pen of William Shakespeare, an adventure that is well represented in the streets of the city.

Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet – photo by

Not only sweets: Verona and Shakespeare are linked by an indissoluble relationship, in fact there are many places where you can relive the history of the two lovers, starting from the “Juliet’s House” with the famous balcony.

Julietta's balcony
Julietta’s balcony

At the entrance of the house there is the famous bronze statue of Juliet, do not forget to caress her right breast to have much luck in love.

The statue of Julietta
The statue of Julietta

Walking a little further away in via Stella, only few meters from the house you will find the pastry shop “Flego“, where you can taste the mythical “kisses.”

The “Il fornaio De Rossi” invites you to a last taste near the house of Romeo, the last stop before reaching the grave where, according to the novel, it is buried Juliet.


Verona, the city of love and taste.

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